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“Seeing the Elephant” Filming Wraps

Fresh Coast Production Resources wrapped up filming of “Seeing the Elephant” this month. When completed, the 360 degree Civil War film will become a permanent installation at the Kenosha WI Civil War museum.

Produced by Boston Productions and featuring nearly 200 Civil War reenactors, along with a cast of professional actors, the 10 minute film will focus on the personal experiences and historical accounts of Civil War soldiers and their families.

Filming took place over 5 days at Old World Wisconsin – the open air museum in Eagle WI operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The special 360 degree camera rigs and pyrotechnics were brought in from out of state, but Fresh Coast was privileged to provided Key Grips, AC, SFX Makeup, Wardrobe, Script Supervision, Craft Services, and a small army of PA’s. In all, seventeen Fresh Coast crew people were on the shoot, and all of them from SE Wisconsin. Milwaukee’s Bodi Company and Electric Sun Corp. provided camera support and lighting.
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