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Forensic Video & Audio Analysis
Enhancement & Clarification
Authentication & Examination
Audio Analysis & Transcription
Expert Witness Testimony
Fresh Coast Studios Forensics Services provide expert forensic examination & analysis of recorded video, audio, images, and other forms of multimedia evidence in relation to criminal, civil and personal matters. Our services include digital clarification, enhancement, interpretation, analysis, and authentication.

Frequently, there may be more to be gained from video, audio and photographic evidence than ever thought possible to the un-trained eye or ear.  In many circumstances, forensic media analysis is available through some law enforcement agencies, and only for their own investigations. Fresh Coast Forensics offers these technical services to all.
Our secure lab provides the latest in forensic services relating to video surveillance, audio recording, film or digital images, and other forms of technical evidence. 
Some of the forensic services we provide include the following:

  • Digital clarification, enhancement, and enlargement of video and photographic evidence
  • Authentication of video and photographic evidence (determination of presence of manipulation or tampering)
  • Forensic comparison linking unknown individuals or objects visible on video and known images of the same
  • Conversion of proprietary (CCTV or surveillance) digital video to easily viewable formats (DVD, CD-ROM, .mp4, streaming video, etc.) for client and courtroom presentation purposes
  • Pixelation(blurring) of individuals’ images appearing on surveillance video (for privacy issues/concerns)
  • Transcription & thorough vetting of recorded depositions, interviews, surveillance, etc. (video and audio)
  • Recovery of missing or deleted files from various analog & digital storage mediums (CD/DVD, VHS, thumb drives, flashcards, hard-drives, USB, etc)
  • Preparation of audiovisual and photographic evidence for presentation in court: creation of high-quality printed digital images, demonstrative videos, and visual PowerPoint shows
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